Lindsay's Magic
Experience the Magic of Lindsay Gardner

Schools & Preschools

Magic & Fun Show

Lindsay has been performing his Magic and Fun Show in NSW schools for many years. He presents a one hour show suitable for all ages. The show is full of fun and mystery, is wellpaced and sustains the interest of the very young children at the same time as the older kids and adults in the audience.

In 2004 Lindsay's show was awarded the Frater Award for excellence within the Performance for Schools Program.In 2012 & 2013 Lindsay also received the Performance in NSW Schools (PINS) Award for excellence in school performance.

The Magic of Books Show

Lindsay also presents his "Magic of Books" show. This one hour show explores the magic of books and features a number of books from the Premier's Reading Challenge including Possum Magic, The Secret Garden, Harry Potter, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Charlotte's Web, Advance Australia Fair and The Magic Hat.

Fee for either show in 2015 is only $300 for a maximum audience of up to 300 students or $1 per student for larger audiences.